Article about experience I gained in Macau. And most of my memories is connected with people so this time in English only.

Sitting in a ferry to the Hong Kong and thinking about everything what has happened in last few months. So many memories. To the places I’ve visited. To the situations I had to deal with.
But the most important – all the amazing people I’ve had chance to meet.

Have to start a bit earlyier. I’ve made 6 years ago – join to the IAESTE. Thanks to this organization I started to have friends from abroad and realized how imprtantnit it is.
Organizination has been founded after the WWII in the 1948 with the main goal (which is now the same actual as before) – spreading the cultural understanding among the different countries and cultures.
And „thanks“ to the many circumstances which happened during last year I decided to go to the second trainieeship. As far as I could. I supposed it will be line between my study years and beginning of the real life.
So I decided Macau. Place that much differnt from our small country in the middle of Europe. I’ve been alwas fascinated by Asian culture so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go there! And it was the secod best decision of my life. A month on way was just amazing. But even better it started to be in Macau. As I told yesterday at first I was quite dissapointed. Going to Macau and our group is full of Europian people? What kind pf experience this will be? Haha I couldn’t be wrong more 🙂 The mix of Asia and Europe was just… Amazing!
Even if I dissapeared many times I really enjoyed the time together with you. Almost every day some activity. Sport, dinner, sightseeing, beer or whatever! Interesting people who I had chance to spend time with.
Thank you for everything! Cooking, dinners, movie nights, sport, lunches, coffee times, talks, dinners, massage, travelling, good mood, passion and much more…
Never forget to you guys!
The big bird!
See yea guys!
We are going back home as a different people. Let’s spread our vision and passion as far as we can.

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